Strategic Consulting.

We think ahead.
Focusing on the essentials. 
With a keen eye for detail.

Partnership Working.

We believe in the power of partnerships.
Through open communication.
With commitment to your project.

Acting Entrepreneurially.

We take responsibility.
For your goals. 
For your success.

Business Consulting

As business consulting professionals, we offer a wide range of experiences gained from international projects. We draw upon our industry knowledge and methodical expertise to help you address your strategic issues. Working in partnership, together we develop concepts and measures that are defined by your company’s needs.

The implementation of your solutions forms an integral part of our service offering. By involving your employees, we secure a high level of acceptance and ensure sustainability.


Range of Consultancy Services

  • Change Management

    “Nothing is more constant than change.“

    For many companies, change management builds the foundation for business success. Thanks to our experience, we can help you to establish change in your organization. This is how we equip your employees to adapt to constant change and to secure sustainable success for the company. With our expertise, we will lead you through the business-reengineering-processes in a smooth and coordinated way.

    We help you find efficient solutions. We will also stand by you during the implementation of these solutions, and accompany you throughout the change process.

  • Planning und Organization

    The planning for and organization of a company needs to closely align human capabilities and actions with its strategic goals and business objectives. To facilitate efficient interaction between the various functions, together with you we will define the respective roles, responsibilities and information flow.

    The implementation will be optimally adapted to your customers‘ needs and market requirements.

  • Supply Chain Strategy

    A coherent supply chain strategy is a crucial element of successful business management. The objective is to maintain a high level of service, while at the same time ensuring cost optimization. The supply chain strategy shapes the company’s agility and secures market share.

    We support you in the review and further development of your supply chain strategy towards market success. Together, we will develop the necessary organizational- and process models. Also we will enhance transparency by working with modern IT-solutions.

  • Logistics & Merchandize Management

    Transport, warehousing and distribution constitute a significant part of the costs. Global procurement- and sales markets play an increasingly significant part. This leads to logistics requirements that will only be met by sound analytical skills and transparency of commodity flows. 

    This is why together we will develop an optimized material- and logistics concept that will enable you to evaluate and control your transport- & warehousing costs in a sustainable manner.

  • Purchasing Management

    Purchasing represents a substantial portion of the product costs and as such is a fundamental factor in the calculation of profits and losses. By applying proven methodologies, we will visualize your material- and supplier portfolio. We achieve optimal cost efficiency by considering the interaction of order size and stocks. For this, we will utilize the entire scope of your ERP-Systems in view of realizing savings while involving your suppliers in the process. Based on this, we will implement efficient processes. Working together with your quality control, we will develop the most suitable solution for your supplier evaluation.

    When we have completed our work, you will be left with a supplier network that grants you security of supply, flexibility and sustainable competitive advantages.

  • Client Service

    We all experience customer service on a daily basis. It is therefore all the more important to ensure that customer service is considered in all aspects of business. Outstanding customer service is a clear competitive advantage. If a company‘s customer service fails to sufficiently respond to market needs, it will subsequently miss out on market opportunities and be exposed to underestimated risks. 

    Based on competitive analysis, together with you we will develop service strategies and compile suggestions for your process- and organizational design. This will enable you to evaluate your opportunities and risks more efficiently, and also to introduce processes and performance indicators.

  • Insourcing / Outsourcing

    A growing number of companies outsource routine business tasks to external agents as a cost-effective solution. This affords an advantage where the company’s valuable resources can be focused on the main challenges. An accurate and fundamental analysis to facilitate a decision on the right sourcing strategy and the fitting procedure model will shape your company’s success.

    We will accompany you during the analysis, the decision-making process and throughout the implementation phase of your sourcing concept in accordance with our best-practice experiences.

  • Cash Flow Management

    In addition to profit, “free cash flow“ and performance indicators as well as turnover rates are the key factors affecting business value. If the right processes are not in place, in an environment of increasing performance pressure this may quickly lead to financial difficulties, potentially resulting in a high level of debt or even insolvency of the company. We support you in introducing well-balanced customer- and supplier payment targets, capacities and stocks.

    As a result, you will enjoy increased financial flexibility and witness a rise in the value of your company.