Strategic Consulting.

We think ahead.
Focusing on the essentials. 
With a keen eye for detail.

Partnership Working.

We believe in the power of partnerships.
Through open communication.
With commitment to your project.

Acting Entrepreneurially.

We take responsibility.
For your goals. 
For your success.

Our Consulting Focus

Our projects are as varied as the companies on whose behalf they are implemented.

However, it has proven effective to follow a cross-disciplinary systematic approach that can be applied to the whole range of consultancy projects.





From a bottleneck situation to a successful strategy

Strategic alignment knows various concepts and is subject of many debates. The challenge is to identify the most suitable strategy. Here, we operate on the principle of the bottleneck theory. Sounds much too simple? Actually, it is simple. Yet identifying bottlenecks and deriving the right strategy requires sound experience and strong skills. In this context, it is not necessarily essential to find the all-encompassing solution, but rather to consolidate strengths and focus efforts on a sustainable correction of the bottleneck issue.






Creating structure for competitive advantage

What use is the best strategy if it doesn’t fit with your company’s structure? Your structure is the key to your success. Due to structural deficits, many organizations miss out on important opportunities. A solid structure in markets, products, costs, processes and reporting leads to fast and targeted results. This way, you will gain a long-term advantage resulting in sustainable business success.





Systematic creation of better efficiency

The focus here lies not only on the systems that are available. The challenge is to merge and synchronize the process knowledge collected in the company and IT systems. For many companies, finding such balance leads to significant efficiency improvements. The aim is to automate repetitive tasks, to consolidate resources and to focus your employees‘ valuable experience on such individual tasks that cannot be automated.




Organizing for goal achievement

Probably everybody is familiar with the expression “organizational talent“. The term describes the ability to mobilize the appropriate resources and to take all necessary actions, and by this to achieve results in the shortest time possible. A target-oriented organizational structure is also vital for any company. Our aim here is to form long-term organizational talent as a result of interactions between staff members. And we achieve this by clarifying tasks and defining roles and responsibilities.